A training program for disabled athletes…

Flexibility background concept

Well not sure where the last 4 months have gone, but they seem to have flown by!! When I started this blog I was going to try to post at least 1 article a month and here I am, a third of a year later finally completing the next instalment. The good news is that I have been very busy and the main topic of this post is the disabled athletes training program that I have been working on.

Due to my son’s interest in sport, I have been involved with a lot of clubs that cater for athletes with a disability and always wondered what I could do to support them. As club secretary for the Northants Phoenix Wheelchair basketball team I have provided osteopathic support for the players at some of their matches and treated a few of the team as well.
Athletic development is not my area of expertise (you only need to look at me to see that 🙂 ), but I recently met Kevin Jane who is a world champion powerlifter and someone who knows a bit about weight training! Following a few conversations we decided to set up a Disabled Athletes Development Program (DADP) combining strength and conditioning (S&C) with general training advice to see if there was any ‘real’ interest out there.

With very little promotion we recruited 6 candidates for the first S&C course which was completed in Dec 2013. Due to the very positive feedback that we received from everyone involved, we decided there was enough interest to try again.
The second S&C course started on Jan 29th, 2014 and included Mark Lewis, who is a functional training coach and personal trainer, to add an extra dimension to the proceedings. This time we had 14 participants with some familiar faces from the previous course plus some new ones including Tony Butcher who is a gold medal-winning disabled powerlifter and a potential candidate for Rio in 2016.
The first night involved general introductions with everyone saying why they were attending the course and what they hoped to achieve. This was followed by a basic training session to ease everyone in gently although there have been a few reports of aching muscles the following day 😀
Feedback so far has been excellent and we are expecting to see some real performance improvements over the next few weeks with everyone putting in maximum effort.
These photos will give you an idea of what we get up to.

strength and conditioning

Tom shows everyone how it should be done

strength and conditioning bench press

Courtney learning how to bench press 🙂

core work functional training

Mark and Alex doing some balance work

We are not currently taking any more candidates for this course, but will be looking to set up another one later this year. If you are a disabled athlete or a coach that knows someone that could benefit from attending one of our courses please contact me for more information at info@sollushealthcare.co.uk. If you are interested in seeing what we do just get in touch and let us know when you want to visit.

In the longer term we plan to expand the program to include a range of different therapies offering osteopathy, pilates, podiatry, nutrition, physiotherapy and sports psychology with access to facilities at the CMC including swimming, hydrotherapy, infra-red sauna and cryotherapy.

Watch this space, there is more to come…



  1. this seems absolutely great. Well done


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